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Flax Brands
Omega Fields Health
Flaxseed is a powerful, Omega-3-rich, nutritional supplement for you, and Omega Fields Health provides you with the information and the products to assist you in achieving the healthy life you deserve. Our Mega Omega® and Simply Omega-3 Stabilized Flax supplements, convenient Omega Smart Bars, Delicious Greens 8000, and Perfect Purples antioxidant drink mixes make healthy eating easier than ever. Our customers are always pleased to find out that our Omega-3-rich, flax products are produced to kosher and American Baking Institute standards. Nothing but the best flax for you!

* All natural ingredients
* 2000mg of Omega-3 per serving
* Contains lignans to boost your immune system
* Excellent source of Vitamin C & E
* Good source of Dietary Fiber (aids regularity)
* 2g of Net Carbs
* No artificial flavors or sweeteners
* No High Fructose Corn Syrup
* Help protect your heart and get a "natural high" from Omega-3's!

Omega Fields®
Omega Fields® is the supplier of flaxseed-based supplements for the health and welfare of the animals you love — horses, dogs, poultry, and humans, too!

Omega Fields® ground, stabilized flaxseed is all-natural, human grade, and has a one year shelf life! Omega Fields® provides the best ground flax, stabilized using our proprietary technology.

Read more about the benefits of flax to see why you should be feeding your animals Omega Fields® premium flaxseed supplements and treats!